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mGBV allows centralization of all the reports of abuse cases in a single point, to assign them to a team and to ensure a rigorous follow-up in a simple, secure and rapid manner.
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Designed in accordance to the high-level standards in software industry, mGBV is a solution perfectly suited to the technological environment of developing countries, taking into account the imperatives linked to quality of service (QoS) and user experience.
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"Violence prevents women from contributing to, and benefiting from, development by restricting their choices and limiting their ability to act. The resulting consequences for economic growth and poverty reduction should be of central concern to governments”.
United Nations
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Watch out for such violent behavior.
If you are a victim / survivor speak out to help another!

Sexual violence

He attempts or have sex with me without my consent.
He touches my breast and private parts without my consent.
He forces me to watch pornography or watch him perform oral sex without my consent.

Sexual harassment

He shared sexually inappropriate images and videos of pornography without my consent.
He often makes me sexist and obscene remarks.
My teacher threatens not to validate my training if I don't sleep with him.

Domestic violence

My partner hits and throws things at me.
He has threatened to kill me.
He prevents me from leaving the house or meeting with people.

Public Harassment

He makes degrading comments on my outfit. He followed me emphatically pinching and poking me.
He whistles when I pass and touches me when I say no.
Public masturbation.

Forced marriage

My family forces me to have an appointment with a man I do not know.
My family forces me to stop going to school in order to get married.
My family forces me to marry a man without my consent.

Female genital mutilation

My family threatens to cut my education if I do not undergo the cut.
My family forces me to undergo the cut without my consent.

Emotional / psychological violence

I work but he controls my finances.
He calls me names that are demeaning.
He has isolates me from my family and friends.


He makes demeaning comments on my posts on social media.
He continuously send me insulting messages.
He shared private and embarrassing photos of me.
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